How To Charge The Ticket

   How to charge the ticket

Nowadays, more and more children's parks appear in the mall, and the support of policies has made investors pay more and more attention to interesting and fun children's parks! Let children learn implicitly in games, unify play and learn, and the paradise that contains this concept has quickly attracted the attention of the public and has been recognized by everyone. So, what exactly is the charging standard for indoor children's playgrounds?

Children are born to play, and no child is willing to stay at home and study at home, so children's theme park is the best choice to accompany children to spend the weekend. The fees for different parks are generally different. There are generally two types of charging standards:

The first is these three aspects: the safety of equipment and facilities, the cleanliness of the environment in the park, the level of decoration and so on. Generally speaking, investors invest a lot of money in the equipment, the equipment has better security performance, and the degree of fun is diversified. The fees for this kind of park are definitely a bit more expensive. You can set the fees according to the actual local consumption. Look at the comfort level of the environment in the park. The most intuitive thing about a paradise is hygiene. For a park with a large passenger flow, there are many tourists who come in and out every day. To keep the park clean, someone must clean it at all times. This will increase the cost of cleaning the park. Fees will also be higher. The last is the degree of decoration of children's playground. Today's parents are willing to spend money on their children, take their children out, and spend the money for enjoyment, in order to receive God-like services, then find a paradise decorated high, spend a weekend with their children, it is understandable and willing to go out expensive.

The second is based on single and monthly card charges. These are the two commonly used payment methods in children's parks. A single charge is simply to pay once to play. This kind of charging method is more flexible and suitable for children who are only interested in new things. Too many times to get to the same park, children will get bored, so it is more appropriate to charge once, which is a little more expensive than monthly card charges. The monthly card fee is the membership system we often talk about. This method basically has discounts at all times. Generally, parents will choose a children's park with good reputation, good service and high security performance to apply for a membership card. In addition, the monthly card for membership is more convenient. The park's control of customers can ensure that the children's park has a stable passenger flow, mutual benefit and achieve a small win-win situation.