How To Choose A Location For Operating A Children's Playground? And What Are The Steps To Open?

How to choose a location for operating a children's playground? And what are the steps to open?


  Operating a children's paradise, the choice of store location is very important, the good location makes the business performance more effective, and chooses a good business location, the business is half successful. So what kind of location is a good place for children's park management? And what are the steps for opening a children's park?

    1. Areas with high frequency of commercial activities: This area is usually also a commercial center and a downtown area. Commercial activities are frequent and turnover is necessarily high. Shops in the store are all of this type. At the same time, the National Fire Protection Law has regulations suggesting that between the first floor and the third floor, it is not recommended to operate a children's park on the third floor or above.

    2. Areas with high population density: Shops are opened near large areas, the population is relatively concentrated, and the population density is high. The frequency of parents taking children to visit is relatively high, and business is good. In this type of area, people of all ages and social classes have more customers, and because the population is very mobile, it is easy to apply for membership cards, so sales will not suddenly rise and fall. The cash flow of the store is quickly returned.

    3. Urban centers with a large number of passengers: Children's parks are located on such streets, with a large passenger flow and a relatively large number of parks that visit the shops. But to consider where the traffic on the street is large, you should also consider the influence of several terrains or traffic to choose the best location. There are a lot of passengers, but if it is a traffic artery and it is a vehicle, it is not a good choice for children's parks.

    4. Blocks where similar shops gather: If you can concentrate on a certain area or block, you can attract customers. Because the stores that sell similar products are better, such as baby stores, children's clothing stores, etc., customers have more opportunities to compare and choose here.

    5. Places where people gather or gather: If you are in the vicinity of entertainment venues such as theaters and cinemas, you will sometimes attract those who are shopping for leisure to the park, and there will be more opportunities for transactions. At the same time, to increase the visibility of the park, it is also a good choice to open a shop near the school and the popular park.


How to choose a location for operating a children's playground? And what are the steps to open?

 Steps to open an indoor children's playground:

    First, the location of the indoor children's park reference (to preliminary and detailed inspection of the flow of people and lots of details)

    Second, the mall's negotiating skills suggestion (to talk to the mall about rent issues, such as whether there is a guarantee, whether to pay rent or draw)

    Third, the selection of supporting facilities and manufacturers

    Fourth, the planning of the opening of the indoor children's park before and after the opening.

    5. Training of waiters and supervisors and store managers before opening, and pricing of various functional departments.

    Sixth, the layout of the DM singles before the opening of the business, the customization of the venue ticket price, the customization of the price list, the pass and the customization of the pass card, leading the staff to distribute the DM order. (A demonstration can be done once)

    Seventh, indoor children's paradise in the process of business problems, how to solve customer service problems, children in the process of play injury or injury emergency treatment.

    Eight, after the opening of advertising marketing and marketing, how to discuss cooperation with other networking merchants, and jointly engage in some activities.

   Nine, free supply channels for hand-made areas and factory calls.

   Ten, after opening the business, give all employees how to handle the membership card, how to do sales well, and how to increase the turnover.

   Eleven. After the opening of the business, help to develop employee management system, employee code, commuting system, handover system, health management system, and simple property system.