How To Choose Kindergarten Children's Slide

How to choose kindergarten children's slide

  Kindergarten children's slides Compared to the ordinary ordinary slides, Kindergarten children's slides design more novel, and many children have to integrate the fun play facilities, these rides for the training of children's motor ability has a good exercise effect .

Kindergarten children's slides Material:

1. Plastic indoor combination of materials: plastic, plastic parts, imported engineering plastics, infiltration of anti-UV, anti-static and anti-decolorizing elements, strength, smooth surface, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance, not easy to fade.

2. Large-scale toy supervisor using the international steel pipe (diameter 114mm), Iron Process: Iron after the completion of the welding process by four chemical iron degreasing, rust, and surface phosphating, and then use electrostatic plastic powder Iron pieces colored, and placed in the oven melting high temperature plastic powder color, after treatment of the iron surface smooth, rust-resistant, with traditional painting up to the unattainable advantages.

3. Cover, fence, slide and other plastic parts imported food-grade colored plastic raw materials, low-density polyethylene add anti-UV stabilizer and classic anti-agent, Wudu, tasteless, no irritation to the skin without allergic reactions, safety and environmental protection .

4. Surface treatment, die-casting surface, the surface is smooth, no deformation, weather resistance, not easy to fade.

5. Kindergarten children's combined slide platform, step ladder for the steel parts, the use of international high-strength punching steel, rust by a special process, throwing sand, the surface with imported plastic powder double-family level spraying, high temperature fixed line, Plastic coated, non-slip, safe and reliable.

6. Connectors, fasteners, connectors, screws, stainless steel screws. Fastener with aluminum alloy, safe and reliable, smooth and solid structure does not rust. Rope class components sailing ship with a cable, diameter 16mm, SMC stainless steel wire rope jacket, absolutely safe, yet elegant. The wood is made of Indonesia red hill camphor wood products. The wood texture is staggered, the structure is uniform, the material density is high, the whole is dried, the production is processed and shaped, and after at least three times of fire prevention and antisepsis special treatment stability, good weatherability Links to iron part of the connection, to further enhance its safety and service life.

7. Kindergarten children's slide combination of natural, environmentally friendly, elegant and gorgeous color, the overall feeling full color, enthusiasm, safety. Safety Considerations Designing all the equipment that can cause a child's hands, head, body and feet and other parts must end. Swings, rocking equipment must consider the product's cushioning properties. Exposed parts of all equipment, without sharp parts (eg screws, etc.) may be exposed to children's clothes and the children are at risk of being hooked. The exposed part must therefore be covered by a circular cover. There must be a high performance, high quality, durability, good material to design. In order to prevent the child from falling down, in the equipment and at a specific height, the fence must be set. It is recommended to be safely placed on the floor. Children in the fall case, you can rely on the mats to reduce injuries.

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