How To Choose Naughty Castle? Naughty Castle Buying Method

How To Choose Naughty Castle? Naughty Castle Buying Method

How to choose naughty castle? naughty castle as a popular in the rest of the world for many years of amusement equipment, the market profit margins must be large, so naughty castle manufacturers and brands continue to emerge, but how to buy naughty Fort to ensure quality?

How to choose naughty castle? Guaranteed naughty castle quality


1, look at the brand to the children's products must choose high-quality brand products, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

2, look at the design of products must require uniqueness, innovation and entertainment, so that children can like to get from the entertainment to learn, exercise and growth.

3, see the certification product must have a formal 3c certification mark.

4, to see all the products on the trademark engraved brand brand, which can prove that the original production, non-OEM products.

5, to see the color of the naughty fortress colorful, uniform, with coordination, not easy to change color

6, smell the smell of naughty Fort products using food-grade raw materials manufacturing, environmental protection, non-toxic, formaldehyde smell of naughty fort children can not be more contact, easy to cause cancer.

7, touch the surface of high-quality naughty Fort product surface smooth, delicate.

8, look at the quality of the naughty fort to do the product is very good connection, not on children in the entertainment caused by physical damage.

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