How To Design Children's Amusement Facilities To Attract Tourists

                       How to design children's amusement facilities to attract tourists
    The children's playground can have amusement facilities such as climbing nets, high slopes, beaches, stainless steel slides, and naughty castles. But, do you want to make your child more brave, cheerful, and adventurous? What kind of children's playground equipment will be popular? Looking at these children of different ages, tailoring children’s creative and personalized design decorations may be instructive.
    In order to design an attractive and satisfying interest for the children, the designer created an organic structure to satisfy more game functions. Children can climb into the equipment to play. However, these game methods are not obvious. It needs to wait for children to discover and experience the joy of exploration.

1. Enhance colors and attract attention
  Because children are sensitive to colors and shapes, bright and lively colors and diverse shapes are more attractive to children's eyes, and at the same time, children's cognitive ability is improved. Different colors can be distinguished by different colors of. It can not only increase the characteristics of the venue to attract children, but also bring more colorful psychological feelings and game experiences.
     Color control: Color is the most obvious hint. Using colors to divide areas allows children to quickly create spatial intentions and actively participate in activities. Generally speaking, red and yellow give people a warm feeling, and at the same time have a sense of proximity, which will make the child more excited, which is conducive to play; and purple, blue and green give people a cold feeling, although It creates a sense of distance, but it makes children calm and soothing, easy to learn and think; light colors such as white, light blue, and light yellow give people a relaxed feeling.
    Research shows that children aged 3-8 like red, while kids over 8 like green.

2. A clear theme-"interesting"
    For children's amusement equipment, whether the equipment is "fun" is always the most critical issue, and this "fun" can usually be achieved by establishing a unique theme. Exaggerated shapes, strange facilities, and playfulness that they usually can't experience often keep children excited.