How To Design The Drawing

1. Master the golden rule of color

The golden rule of color is 60:30:10. This is a very basic rule, meaning that the main color is 60%, the secondary color is 30%, and the auxiliary color is 10%. For example, the color of the interior space, 60% of the wall, 30% of the home bedding, Chuanglian, then 10% is a small jewelry and art, this law is the golden rule.

2, choose a color scheme

The color scheme generally has two choices, one is the complement of the complementary colors, and the other is the color matching. The two colors on the color palette are the complement of the complementary colors, and the similar colors are the color matching. Generally, when you need to create a lively and dynamic space, choose red and green, blue and green, then the similar colors are similar, such as yellow and green, blue and purple.

3, flexible use of dark

Many so-called modern minimalist styles use dark colors, but use dark colors rather than too many dark colors. Dark colors can make any color look clean, but it is not a key point in itself, it can create a balance of balance for the family. Clever use of dark colors, can be a black box, picture frame and so on.