How To Do The Safety Protection Of Children's Playgrounds?

How to do the safety protection of children's playgrounds?

Children's paradise is the world of children. Usually, many parents take children to play. Especially on holidays, the popularity is even more prosperous. Therefore, for the operators of children's parks, safety precautions must be done.

1. When operating the business, it is necessary to pass the national special equipment testing permission, so as to avoid the harm caused by the unqualified products flowing to the market.

Here, because the children's playground equipment involves many different industries, most of the naughty castle installation manufacturers are producing some products and providing installation. We need to recognize where these products come from, which brand and other relevant details, in order to prevent the corresponding problems in the use of the process, there is no place to complain.


2, fire.

Fire protection for children's parks is also very important. This is the introduction of news and media propaganda in recent years. Most of the operations know that children's parks are forbidden to operate on floors above 3 floors, but also to ensure good access and fire protection products.

When planning the site selection, it is necessary to recognize the relevant locations such as entrances, exits, fast lanes, emergency passages, etc., and make the passages clear as planned. If the place is too large, fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire-proof sprinklers should be placed at intervals. And in the fire detection, active cooperation, demand fire protection.

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3. Equipment.

In the purchase and application of equipment, the direct contact of any sharp objects, bare hard objects and iron and steel equipment should be avoided to prevent children from being hurt and wounded during play. For plastic products, high-quality plastic products should be selected. If they are toxic, odorous or polluting, they should be banned. If they are found, they should be contacted immediately by the manufacturer. If they are provided by the manufacturer, they can contact the industrial and commercial department for complaints.

In the operation of the equipment, there should be a special person to be responsible for the children's play process. If there is no parent to accompany, the operator should send people to pay attention to the operation of the equipment and the children's play, so as to prevent the accident from happening in time. .

4. Health.

In the process of running a children's park, health is also a matter of media exposure and not knowing how to correct it. The average operator will clean the corresponding products for a fixed period of time, and these periods are usually when there are no children playing in the morning or evening. Therefore, in the day of the business process, it is very likely that there will be a situation in which it is soiled again and cannot be cleaned in time. This is also the easiest time for parents and investigators to see. Every morning, everything should be cleaned and disinfected on marine balls, floor mats, platforms, electric toys and other dirty equipment, and the disinfection products should be Affordable disinfectant, and during the day's operation, due to the irregular needs of children, there is no way to carry out intermediate cleaning. Children can only be disinfected as much as possible when children enter.

5. Emergency equipment.

Most of the indoors set up in children's parks require electricity, day or night. For example, emergency passages, emergency lights, and emergency medicines should be provided at the service office or at corresponding points in case of emergency. In the event of an accident, the first call should be made to clear the personnel and protect the safety of the child.