How To Ensure The Safety Of Children's Toys

Finished toys need material safety, smooth edges, parts can not fall off

Safe toys made of non-toxic and harmless materials, smooth edges, prominent parts and moving parts will not fall off, resistant to beating, resistant to heavy, resistant to chewing, not due to normal use or reasonable foreseeable abuse caused by child suffocation, , Swallowing, radiation, chemical elements and heavy metal poisoning and other risks. The same time as the above-

Take magnetic toys as an example. Considering that the child may pull out the magnet in the toy, the magnet will be killed if it is eaten by the child. So the magnetic toys in the magnet can not be exposed. The same time as the above-

Tires, cartons, small beans, these materials are not safe to do toys

In accordance with the new national standards, toys not only refers to the design and booking to the children to play the finished toys, but also not specifically designed to the children to play, but with the function of playing children to play the material. In other words, the children get the hands to play, are toys.

Many kindergartens collect waste materials for children as game material, such as cartons, old tires and small beans. Carton on the printing ink lead, may lead to lead poisoning. Waste tires contain heavy metals, debris hidden in the child's nails if the child is eaten, will affect the child's health. Although the natural beans no pollution, but the individual is too small, if the child swallowed, may lead to suffocation. Therefore, in the choice of life materials to the children to play, we must pay special attention to safety. The same time as the above-

Slide equipment to note that the above can not have bumps and large gaps

In recent years, children slides because of the collar, cap straps and suffocation death events are common. Parents in leading the children before playing the slide, be sure to carefully check the slide facilities, above can not have bumps and large gaps, to avoid hanging children clothes and dangerous. In the children's wear should also pay attention to avoid wearing hoodies or collar clothes.

In addition, parents do not let the children play too high slides. Liu Yan members found that some kindergarten slide height of 3 meters. This height is very dangerous for children aged three to six years old. The same time as the above-

Do not play with a combination of sports equipment, it is dangerous

The state stipulates that the swing should be set independently and separated from the other areas by the fence, and the number of swing seats arranged side by side is no more than two, and the soft pavement extending below the swing seat and before and afterwards shall be twice the height of the bracket. It is forbidden to combine the swings in a large combination of sports equipment. But many kindergarten swing and other toys together. If a child is swinging, in front or behind a child ran, more dangerous! The same time as the above-

Directly placed on the concrete floor of the outdoor recreational facilities can not play

According to the requirements of the country, the bottom of the large moving device such as a slide and the surrounding edges extend outwardly for 1.8 m. For the collision-resistant area (3 m between instruments), elastic elastic natural materials of at least 20 cm Lawn, bark, sawdust, sand, gravel or ceramsite, etc.), or a plastic mat with a thickness of at least 5 cm.

Parents must pay attention to this when choosing outdoor recreational facilities for their children. In addition, also observe whether the pleasure facilities are firmly fixed on the ground, there is no danger of overturning. August 4, 2000, Yiwu a kindergarten due to the slide is not fixed prison, resulting in juvenile Hemou in the play, was overturned slides down killed. The same time as the above-

Children climb the tree to pay attention to the selection of bifurcated low tree is safe

Now, many parents and kindergartens to encourage children close to nature, return to the fields. Climbing trees has become a popular choice. Professor Liu Yan said that let the children climb the tree is a good thing, but must choose the trees. To choose bifurcated low trees, and the tree must have grass as a buffer, to avoid the child accidentally fell when the fall. The same time as the above-

Chemical fiber texture, beads decoration, such children can not choose clothing

Children's clothing safety is not to be overlooked. Now some of the children's clothing, there are many sequins, beads decorated, it is easy for children to eat. There are some clothes used substandard, toxic and harmful also flammable, the case of fire will quickly burn. The hidden dangers of these clothing, can not be ignored.