How To Install Outdoor Slides? There Are Many Particulars

                                How to install outdoor slides? There are many particulars

 First of all, before buying a slide, you should plan the location of the items, and according to the size of the location, buy the appropriate slide size, and the structure of the ground should be communicated with the slide manufacturer. If it is a dirt road, it cannot be used. For the connection method of expansion screws, if the size of the slide is larger and the weight is heavier, then the expansion bolts need to be embedded on the concrete floor. The embedded long road and the diameter of the screw are required by the specification.

      After purchasing your favorite topic according to the procurement requirements, each set of slides will have corresponding installation drawings. The screws should be fixed according to the drawings and corresponding numbers, and the depth and aperture of the embedded hole should be prepared, and different positions Corresponding methods should also be adopted for the connection method.

      When the expansion bolts are installed, the strength of the combined slide should be more consistent with the diameter of the expansion acid, and the number of the installation slide and the corresponding drawing should be seated one by one. During the process of Shiling, all parts are The installation should be carried out according to the number of the drawing. If there is no corresponding installation drawing during the procurement process, then it should be communicated with the slide manufacturer in time, so that the installation will be very convenient when there is a serial number.