How To Keep Safe When Kids Are Playing

When participating in the event, you must obey the order command, rank, sit and other orderly, and reserve enough safety space to avoid crowding or pushing accidents such as crushing, straining, falling, falling water, falling, etc. Keep a safe distance. Don't be too attached to attractions or shopping spots, leading to falling behind or delaying, obeying the command and arrangement of tour guides and team leaders, arriving at designated locations on time, getting on the train on time, avoiding delays. Do not act alone. If there is a personal temporary activity arrangement or route change, you must ask the leader for approval in advance.

When staying in the commercial building, pay attention to safety exits, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire break button/alarm button position, safety area/orientation (escape in case of power outage/fire); if you encounter a fire, do not take the ordinary elevator. . Pay attention to the surrounding environment, keep the carry-on items, don't touch strangers alone; don't shout loudly when you visit or entertain, so as not to affect others; it is strictly forbidden to engage in any illegal activities during the tour.