How To Negotiate The Price System Of Large-scale Unpowered Outdoor Amusement Equipment

        How to negotiate the price system of large-scale unpowered outdoor amusement equipment
The price of large-scale unpowered outdoor amusement equipment fluctuates with the market. Generally, new quotations appear every quarter, the materials used are different, the production process is different, and the price fluctuations will be greater, but it will never exceed the system stipulated by the Price Bureau. Purchasing products of high quality and low price need to be said.
First, brand new products

Among the prices of large-cap power outdoor amusement equipment, the most expensive are brand-new products, new designs, new concepts, and new materials, all of which can easily push up the price of finished products. However, there are very few manufacturers that can produce them. Several production units can complete it. Generally, it takes half a year to two years for small and medium-sized manufacturers to digest technology and complete imitation. Therefore, the price of new products is relatively high. If the budget is not enough, the purchasing unit will have to wait for a while to take advantage.

Second, the second-hand market

Some playgrounds will eliminate second-hand equipment when upgrading. At this time, the price is relatively cheap, but the equipment is in good condition and can still be used after refurbishment. There are specialized manufacturers to refurbish non-powered equipment. The service life varies according to the degree of newness and oldness. , The price is generally 1/2 to 1/5 of the original price.

Third, how to choose

Large equipment is a major investment regardless of whether it is new or old. You should understand the market trends before evaluating the procurement plan. There are many amusement parks due to poor management or relocation or upgrades, resulting in the transfer of equipment. The price difference caused by the asking price and the price is relatively huge. The user should evaluate itself Whether it is used as a long-term fixed facility or a temporary use, if it is the former, you need to ensure the service life and try to choose new products. If it is the latter, you can also consider second-hand equipment with better quality.