How To Operate A Kids Park

With the development of children's play market, indoor children's amusement park has become one of the important amusement equipments that modern children like to play. Many businesses are now considering investing in indoor children's amusement parks. Due to lack of experience, they are afraid of the benefits after investment, and the investment cost is also One of the topics that they are most concerned about, is the cost of opening an indoor children's amusement park high?

Regarding the cost of opening indoor children's amusement parks, the cost of children's amusement parks includes basic rents, furnishings, staff salaries, daily water and electricity, maintenance, etc. What are the costs? We will divide this question into two directions to answer. The first aspect includes the project cost, which is the project cost you purchased for the first time.

Why do you say it for the first time, because the children's amusement park is a process that needs to follow the market changes and constantly update iterations, especially those that have a playable polar inflatable project and a simple single video game project, which are not invested for the first time, but need to be purchased every year. In the new project, the investment amount for the three-year investment will be more than 500,000 yuan; and the one-time investment project like Happy Harle has already integrated dozens of small projects into the whole equipment, and the playability is extremely high. There is almost no need to add other projects during the year, which can be said to be a “one-size-fits-all” investment.

In the second aspect, we will talk about the cost of project maintenance. Ordinary children's amusement parks are extremely vulnerable to damage during use. Maintenance is basically a replacement of new equipment. The maintenance costs here can be imagined. Even if it is also a children's development industry, some brands use steel frame structure as the main material, and the annual maintenance cost is quite high;

As a child development leader, Happy Harle uses Russian imported solid wood as the structure. The project does not use the welding and screws of the steel frame structure. Even if it is used all the year round, it will not be damaged due to screw rust, welding cracks, etc. Late maintenance costs are extremely low. This also shows from another aspect that investing in projects such as Happy Harle is actually very little in the later stage. In the course of operation, we will see a process of continuous accumulation and growth of profits.