How To Plan Children's Paradise 300 M2 , Kidsplayplay Designer Installation Support

How to plan children's paradise 300 M2 , Kidsplayplay designer installation support


The children's playground is characterized by content and image cartoons, fantastic, magical, with a strong interest, interactivity, knowledge, and many facilities and items such as electronic and mobile games. Set the project image characteristics to dream magic, there is a wealth of imagination, the content should also include interesting, interactive, knowledge of several aspects. Can make full use of the change of terrain processing, rich plant landscaping, to create an ecological nature of the children's paradise game venues environment. So open a 300 square meters of children's park section how to partition? Kidsplayplay designer to help you design.

Children's playground with zoning design, standard shop design recreation area, puzzle area, video area, interactive area, rest area, film and television area, performance area and other 4-5 area, flagship store design recreation area, puzzle area, District, interactive area, rest area, film and television area, clothing and catering joint venture area, sound and light area 5-8 area, dynamic combination of district and static, entertainment and puzzle development combined to meet different ages, hobbies, character The child's needs.

One, naughty fort area

Naughty castle, also known as children Fort. Is a combination of scientific three-dimensional combination of the formation of a set of recreation, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions as one of the new generation of children's activity center. Has the characteristics of randomness, no power, interaction and security. The naughty fort mainly includes the sea ball pool, the pirate ship, the castle, the rotation slide, the rainbow ladder, the happy octopus, the air glide and so on.

Second, naughty fort electric area

The area is generally set on the right side of the whole area of the naughty fort, built with all kinds of electric toys for children to play, such as coconut trees, pirate ships, small horse and ocean ball pool. In this area there is no small area of the sense of restriction, the children can enjoy the slapstick in this, and another electric toy can also let the children happy to play.

Third, children's development area

Children's development training is based on the characteristics of children design, through the combination of science to form a set of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness as a whole new generation of children's activity center. The vast majority of children like to drill, climb, slip, roll, shake, swing, jump, shake, and most of these children out of training by the project, it is set in the vertical space and build a variety of different, super Stimulate the level, so that children experience high altitude climbing, feel through the obstacles to stimulate. Hone the children's will, challenge themselves, stimulate potential, enhance self-confidence; mainly for 4-15 years old children.

Four, naughty fortress parent park area

This area is mainly integrated puzzle area, the region can be set up sand pond, beach toys, puzzles, building blocks and other classic toys, children can enjoy these things at the same time with parents interaction, promote between children and parents Parent-child communication.

5, parents leisure viewing area

This area can account for 30% of the total area of children's playground, so that parents can easily see the children in the region to play, so set up in the middle of the other three areas, from all angles to see the children play. Built-in table stool, can be used for leisure and entertainment can also read and book rest. Due to the area relative to the naughty fort there is a certain distance, both to do their own things, do not affect children to play and can watch the children.

Six, naughty fort open play area

That is, usually the usual naughty fort area, formed alone, surrounded by the safety net and the main framework; contains dozens of children can exercise physical strength, coordination and intelligence projects, such as drilling holes, single-hole bridge, boxing bags, spider row; In this child can play some small variety of competition items.

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