How To Play The Slide Safely

When children play on the slides, they should step up the steps step by step and climb the railings to the top of the slides. You should not climb up from the slide to prevent accidents.

Tell the child that the foot must slide down and the upper body stays upright. Never allow the child to head down, or the belly down and slide down.

In the process of decline, there should be only one child at a time. The second child can start to slide after the first child has slipped. Don't let the children slide down one by one to avoid crushing.

Tell the child to see if there are other children sitting at the bottom of the slide or playing there before playing the slide. After sliding down the slide, you should immediately get up and leave the slide to make room for the child to slide down.

At the back of the slide, there is a string of thin plastic tubes at the green belt. It is easy for young children to fall from the gap in the middle and get hurt because they step on the air. Therefore, when the child is playing, the teacher needs to stand in the gap to look after the nurse, and if necessary, help them climb up.

When playing, you should not wear children's clothing and scarves with long knots, don't hang key ropes, mobile phone cords, etc., and girls' long hair should be tied up.

For the above content, please ask the teacher to ask the child before each outdoor event, and take care of the safety of the child according to the content.