How To Protect Wood Playground

1. Outdoor wood should be dried outdoors in the shade to approximately the same humidity as the external environment before construction. After the installation and installation of wood with a large water content, large deformation and cracking will occur.

2. At the construction site, the anticorrosive wood should be stored in a ventilated place and should be protected from the sun as much as possible.

3. At the construction site, the existing size of the anticorrosive wood should be used as much as possible. For on-site processing, all cuts and holes should be fully painted with the corresponding preservative to ensure the service life of the anticorrosive wood.

4. Use long wooden boards to reduce joints as much as possible when constructing the terrace, in order to look good; leave a gap of 5mm-1mm between the boards.

5. In the process of making and perforating, first drill the hole with an electric drill, and then fix it with screws to avoid artificial cracking.

6. If the expensive anticorrosive wood is used, try not to contact it with sand, etc., and clean it regularly and wax regularly, so as not to cause wear and affect aesthetics.