How To Solve The Wear And Tear Of Children's Amusement Equipment?

How to solve the wear and tear of children's amusement equipment?

    After a period of use, children's amusement equipment will experience varying degrees of wear and tear, which is normal. If you encounter this situation, how to prevent and solve it? Today, Shiqi amusement equipment manufacturer will explain the solution for children's amusement equipment wearing:

  1. Ordinary friction.

  When I bought the children's play equipment, all parts were smooth and there was little friction. In order to make the equipment run more stably and extend the service life of the equipment, we need to be in a place where friction is more likely to occur. Just add lubricant.

  2. Stable running-in.

  The rubbing areas of children's amusement equipment have hardened, and the microscopic geometry has also changed. At this time, we must continue to observe and do a good job of lubrication and maintenance;

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  3. Serious wear and tear.

  When children's amusement equipment is severely worn, the metal surface layer has basically reached the fatigue limit. At this time, the use of children's amusement equipment is very dangerous. Seriously, the equipment may malfunction and the parts are damaged, requiring maintenance.

      The wear and tear of ordinary amusement equipment requires the above three processes. In these three different processes, we must adopt different processing methods to deal with it. In the daily operation of the equipment, the staff shall inspect and maintain the equipment in time as required to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.