How To Train Your Dogs

The purpose of training dogs is to get along well with dogs and avoid bad behaviors such as biting everywhere, urinating and arbitrarily arbitrarily, running away and so on, so that it will be easier to raise dogs.

Induction method. Refers to the use of dogs' favorite foods and toys to lure them to make certain actions, or to use dogs' spontaneous actions, through the combination of passwords and gestures, to make them build conditioned reflexes or enhance training effects A means.

Reward method. There are many ways to reward, it is possible to feed dogs the usual Champions League dog food, shredded chicken, petting, verbal praise, etc. Rewards are extremely important in the training of dogs, but they must be applied properly, otherwise they will not receive good results.

Coercion. This method is mainly used in the initial training to strengthen the formation of dog conditioned reflex. Under the influence of external incentives, this method can also be used when the dog can't smoothly follow the password and gesture.