How To Treat Children's Parent-child Entertainment Consumer Market Boom?

How to treat children's parent-child entertainment consumer market boom?

  With the rise of children's business and changes in people's consumption concepts, a single adult video game city and children's playground have not been fragrant. The major terminal business sites have been transformed into a comprehensive venue for the integration of parent-child entertainment. But parent-child entertainment has been said for so many years, and it is only a minority that really operates it well. What key points should you focus on when you want to manage a comprehensive venue for parent-child entertainment?

  Interaction is the premise compared to entertainment

According to some reports, whether it is a second-tier or a third-fourth line, household consumption pays great attention to children's education expenditure. Parents hope that their children will develop in an all-round way. After they don't fall, they not only have good academic performance, but also have more versatility and more knowledge. Wide, with an open field of vision, it has been cultivated since childhood. In the proportion of the size of the children's subdivision in major shopping centers, the education industry ranks first. Children's educational needs are the strongest, and children's role in household consumption is increasingly important. Children's consumption has become the biggest expense of household consumption. The children's consumer market has not only expanded rapidly, but its nature has also evolved from guaranteeing basic living consumption and pursuing hedonic consumption to a new stage of emphasizing growth consumption.

Under the escalation of the concept of consumption, more money has been invested in the education of children, but the family income has not increased much, so there is not much money available for parent-child entertainment. In addition, although many family entertainment centers are family-centered, the project is aimed at the needs of children aged 3-12. Parents are easily overlooked, but parents are paying. Again and again, for the parents, the family entertainment center gradually lost its appeal.

Therefore, the integrated venue of parent-child entertainment is more focused on: interaction, the core part is to surround the growth of children and the experience of parents. The key point is to persuade the parents through parent-child interaction, get the parents' approval, and let the parents feel the value of the place to truly obtain this consumer group. Parents should be introduced to participate in children's entertainment, enhance parental participation, and achieve parent-child interaction. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the details and quality of the service, let parents and children have fun, through a series of parent-child interaction, let parents participate in the child's growth stage, get the parents' heart, will truly improve the overall income and achieve the sustainability of the site. development of.

Promote the essence of the comprehensive venue for parent-child entertainment: extend the play time

If the playground is only satisfied with one category group, it is difficult to obtain new customers and it is difficult to extend the time for customers to stay. For example, the playground for adult video games only satisfies the adults, but can not satisfy the children's heart; and the single children's paradise is also, the child is easy to make the adults feel bored and do not want to stay. The consequence of these phenomena is that customers can not stay in the playground for a long time, may be just a short stay. The comprehensive venue for parent-child entertainment is to meet the needs of everyone in a family, to retain customers as much as possible, and to extend the time spent by customers on the venue.