How To Use Slide Safety?

Slides are a favorite ride for every baby, and they will come up and down again and again. However, this project has certain safety hazards for babies, especially those under 3 years of age. How to make your baby slide safely and happily? Please note the following: Wear safe, fit clothing for your baby 1 close-fitting clothing Baby clothes should be as close to the body as possible. It is best not to have straps, belts, etc., and line-like decorations. These are easy to hang on the slide rails, handrails, etc., so as to reach the baby's body and cause unnecessary damage. . 2 put an end to accessories Don't wear clothing with pins and related decorations. These are easy to hurt your baby during exercise. Teach the baby to play the rules of the slide The rules are the primary safety guarantee for slides. Parents should tell these rules to their baby when they bring their baby. 1 talk order Parents should tell the baby that the slides should be lined up, and one by one should slide slowly, don't climb from bottom to top. Parents can tell these things to the baby in a jingle form, which is more conducive to the baby's memory. It can also be used as a language prompt during the baby's play, such as: δΉ– baby, slide, one by one; you can slide me first. Slip, to ensure safety is the first. 2 can't fight The baby is young and has a weak ability to control the balance of the body. Therefore, when several babies play together, they must remind the baby not to play each other. In the slides, which have a certain height of sports equipment, it is easy to get out of balance, causing injuries such as falling at high places. 3 posture is correct The upper body is straight, the legs are close together or slightly open, but not more than 45 degrees, and the hands are naturally placed on both sides of the body. In the process of sliding, the head should not be tilted back, and the arms should not be opened, so as not to touch the side wall of the slide, causing fractures and sprains. Play slide 5 safety disciplines When the baby first plays the slide, the parents will tell him how to play the slide correctly, so that he knows that only when he wants to play according to the safety requirements, he will not be hurt, he will be happy, and the mother will be relieved. 1 step up Steps should be taken step by step, while holding the railings at the same time, so that they go up to the top of the slide. You should not climb up from the slide. 2 feet down You should always slide your foot down and keep your upper body upright. Never head down, or slide your stomach down. 3 first observe Before you slide down, first check if the bottom of the slide is empty and there are no other babies sitting there. When a baby is sitting underneath, it is not possible to slide down immediately. 4 do not stay After sliding down the slide, you should immediately get up and leave the slide to make room for the baby behind. 5 one at a time Parents should note that in the sliding section of the slide, there should be only one baby at a time. Do not let several babies slide down at the same time to avoid crushing. Finally, the special reminder is that when the baby is happy to play the slide, the parents must pay attention to his situation in the game. Even if the moment is not paying attention, the baby may have a dangerous possibility. When the ladder is stepping on the foot, the slide is under the foot. When the body falls down and so on. Therefore, parents need to be protected in time to ensure the safety of the baby.