Increase Innovation And Promote Naughty Fort And Other Recreational Equipment Safety Production

  Environmental protection and safety of children's play equipment has become one of the major highlights of major news outlets in 2013. Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai East as the main production of naughty Fort, combined slides, etc., is the basis for supporting recreational facilities, we have been product quality In the first place, the company from the leadership to the production line staff are unified to do a safe and environmentally friendly recreational equipment, corporate philosophy. Gradually naughty Fort, combination slides, outdoor fitness equipment and other common play equipment for process optimization and upgrading. East of Shanghai Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly in three aspects to do enough effort.

  Increase staff training to enhance safety and environmental awareness

  Since its establishment, Wenzhou KidsPlay Play Co., Ltd. has held production and R & D symposiums on "R & D of safety and environmental protection amusement equipment, providing quality assurance" with production department and technology department as the main body. The leadership of the meeting repeatedly stressed and asked, must be in the industrial upgrading and transformation before doing all the preparatory work, or even walk in front of peers, focusing on innovation in the development of amusement devices, manufacturers focus on process innovation and 5S on-site management .

  At the same time to establish the concept of environmental protection, that is not only environmentally friendly products, play equipment, while ensuring that the back office, product manufacturing process, production of raw materials and even the production site management must comply with environmental standards, environmental protection should be thoroughly into every detail, to implement Every action.

  Increase raw material supplier assessment

  As a production-oriented enterprise, the examination of the suppliers of raw materials plays a crucial role in the quality and quality of the products. A strict supplier evaluation system has been implemented in the eastern part of the country to effectively implement ISO-related document standards. From the price, quality, delivery volume and coordination (service) and other aspects of implementation, all unqualified suppliers to be resolutely removed to ensure the amusement device product safety and environmental requirements.

  Attract talented people and improve their overall strength

  Wenzhou Kids Play Play Co. Pay close attention to personnel training, as much as possible to attract innovative high-tech talent, to promote the company's leapfrog development by the vitality and vitality. The company is studying the implementation of docking with college personnel cooperation, so that enterprises are not only the manufacture of products factory, but also cultivate talent, training personnel base.

  Reviewing the development of the enterprise, Shanghai Amusement Park has never forgotten that the interests of enterprises must conform to the social collective interests. Only by insisting on "encouraging enterprises to innovate, managing people-oriented, and converging with interests and social collectives" can privately run enterprises truly march toward the brand. Only by seeking truth and being pragmatic, Can really bigger and stronger enterprises, embarked on a sustainable development path!