Indoor Children's Paradise, Is It Really Safe?

Indoor children's paradise, is it really safe?

According to the survey, children's outdoor activities are currently shorter, and the frequency of going to children's playgrounds is higher. Children's playgrounds frequented by children are followed by children's activity areas in the park, indoor playgrounds, and children's playgrounds in hypermarkets. Nearly half of the children in developed areas go to the playground once a week for more than an hour, but only 19.4% of parents are satisfied with the price and safety of the children's playground. Complaints in this area are mainly concentrated on the unsafe facilities or inadequate management, resulting in personal injury to children. However, there are few hidden issues such as hidden dangers in children's playgrounds and inadequate supervision.

Many playgrounds enter the threshold only for "shoes and socks"

Even in the rainy and sunny seasons, some large shopping malls, supermarkets and other places set up playgrounds and other places where children push and play, health problems obviously can not make parents feel at ease, many playgrounds do not check the palms of children, unexpected Body temperature, parents only need to perform a procedure before accompanying the child to enter the playground: take off the shoes and place them outside the play area as required, and do not see other "health thresholds".

The playground is not clean. It can only be visually observed.

Many parents have no idea about the health problems of indoor children's playgrounds. They can only rely on "visual inspection". A child's mother said: "I don't know if the business has disinfected these facilities, but every time the child finishes playing, I will wash my face and wash my face immediately. After going home, I will take a shower and change clothes, because every time the child finishes playing. The back socks basically turned black, and when I was playing with the children in the sand pile, I found a lot of hair. Some parents even brought in the food and water, and once I saw the obvious breadcrumbs and water stains on the ground. Sometimes, during the child's play, I wipe her with a wet wipe to prevent bacteria."

Health hazards in indoor children's parks

If the disinfection measures of the amusement facilities are not in place, it will increase the chance of the child getting sick. In addition to hand, foot and mouth disease, infectious diarrhea is also easily spread through the mouth. In addition, the environment of indoor playgrounds is also conducive to the spread of respiratory diseases such as influenza. After the child touches the rides or toys, the cleaning is not complete and can cause illness.

In addition, the indoor children's playground with air conditioning in summer has become a choice for many parents. However, the indoor air circulation is relatively poor, and the air conditioning temperature is also more suitable for the survival and spread of the virus, which is not conducive to the health of the child.