Indoor Playground Also Do Not Let Children Leave Without Leaving Parents Sight

Indoor Playground also do not let children leave without leaving parents sight

 Some big shopping arcades have an indoor playground, and children love to play there. Indoor playground managers remind parents to take their children to the indoor playground in the mall and pay attention to some matters.

  In general, children aged 2 to 8 years and below 1.3 meters can play indoor playgrounds. Before playing indoor playground, parents should pay attention to the rides in the indoor playground for repair or imminent removal. Parents should tell their children not to slapstick in the facilities, to listen to the staff inside the indoor playground guide. Do not let children leave their sight while children are playing.

  When you play the slide, do not let the children turn the railings from the outside to the slide, and wait for the children in front to slide down before they can begin to slide. After sliding down the slide, they should immediately get out of their seats. When swinging, do not stand on the swing, swinging, hands tightly holding the swing rope, to wait until the swing completely stop before it down. Play seesaw, you should sit face to face on seesaw, hands clasped hands, feet should be put on a dedicated place for pedaling. Play the trampoline, if found surrounded by a particularly high, particularly strong or particularly naughty children, you can wait for a while to play again. In the ball pool, do not throw the ball with each other, but can not play chase, in order to prevent ball pool damage to the child.