Inspection And Maintenance Of Children's Development Equipment

                           Inspection and maintenance of children's development equipment
In the current environment, children's expansion equipment is becoming more and more popular in the market. Whether it is parks, children's playgrounds, or shopping malls, there are children's expansion equipment. Below, the editor will provide you with the inspection, repair and maintenance methods of expansion equipment:

1. Overhaul on time

Once a week, check whether the structure of each component of the device can still meet the training requirements. If there is any loosening or damage of screws, it should be eliminated and perfected immediately before training.

2. Inspection of key components

Before each use, check all the easy to wear and loose parts of the fasteners, the wire ropes on the corresponding poles, the wire rope clamps, the pulley parts, the turnbuckles for the wire ropes, and the bow shackles. When the wear of the safety equipment exceeds 1/10 of the original, it should be updated: if the wire rope has broken strands, it should be updated when the number of broken strands exceeds 1/10 of the total strands of the wire rope. Tighten and lock the loose parts. Inspectors should wear safety belts and helmets during work.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts

The vertical poles and beams should be treated with anti-corrosion every six months; the welding parts of the wire rope pull ears should be checked once a month; when the corrosion depth exceeds l/10 of the wall thickness of the steel pipe, they should be replaced. The hoop of the horizontal bar should be checked to see if it moves freely on the beam before each training. If it is found to be difficult to move, it should be greased in time.

4. Regular maintenance of solid parts

Climbing fasten all rock points and climbing boards at least once every six months. Before each training, there must be someone to check the rock points and climbing board. If there is any looseness, it must be tightened before training. The connecting bolts behind the rock slab must be tightened at least once every six months. The worm and worm wheel that adjust the width of the broken bridge should be checked whether they rotate freely within the specified stroke before each training. If it is found to be difficult to rotate, grease should be applied in time.

5. Beat the butter on time

The wire rope should be buttered at least once every six months. Expansion equipment manufacturers believe that the corners and welds of all equipment should be treated with anti-corrosion every spring and autumn, and anti-corrosion treatment should be done before the rainy season in wet and rainy places. All instruments are treated with anti-corrosion every two years. During anti-corrosion treatment, the instruments must be polished with 300-mesh gauze first, and then the primer and topcoat must be brushed twice.