Introduction Of Slides

Introduction of slides

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Slides are integrated sports equipment, only through climbing to slide activities. Children playing slides need a firm will and confidence that can foster their bravery. When the child "wind" to slide down, can enjoy the joy of success. The slides are one of the children's sports equipment,

Common in kindergartens or children's playground, generally suitable for children 3-6 years old, there are also special-purpose slides, such as life-saving slides and so on. The slide is fitted with a ladder on one side of the shelf and the other is fitted with a sloping skateboard (usually two straight and curved). The child slides up from the ladder and slides down from the slant.

Slide type

(1) a kind of children's sports equipment, common in kindergarten or children's playground, generally suitable for children aged 3-6 years.

(2) special-purpose slides such as slides for life-saving purposes.

Activity benefits

Slide can be done by climbing. Children playing slides need a firm will and confidence that can foster children's bravery. In the game can enjoy the joy of success.

Design requirements 

Slide by the climbing section, platform section and the lower section of the composition, the general use of wood, stainless steel, artificial terrazzo, glass fiber, reinforced plastic production, to ensure smooth skateboard surface. Sliders in the size to follow the ergonomic principles, and the body with a high degree of cooperation with children's age and size, in order to benefit their healthy growth. Generally in the design, the slide climbing ladder angle of about 70 °, width 40cm, ladder plate height 6cm, armed with railings on both sides. Skateboard inclination 30 ° -35 °, width 40cm, both sides of the straight edge of 18cm, easy to children's feet brake. In addition, finished skateboards and homemade slides should be in the lower part of the pavement thickness of not less than 3cm of the pad, or more than 40cm of sand, to prevent children from falling injuries. And pay attention to the slides of the endurance, cushioning force, both sides of the handrails, and whether the width is appropriate, the parabola is not reasonable, the best way is to practice, refer to other finished products, improve the safety should also be the first The

Physical principle

The principle of the fastest curve. There are two kinds of skateboard slide, one is straight, there is a curved, and its sliding surface is the wheel line. Assuming the height of the two slides, there are two children with exactly the same weight, respectively, from the vertex of the slide at the same time, the first to reach the ground is not a straight skateboard on the children, but the cyclone line smooth children. Because the child is able to slide on the slide, because of the role of gravity. The magnitude of the gravitational force is also different when the slope of the skateboard is different in the descending direction. Gravity force greater, the greater the acceleration of the decline, the faster the speed increase. Along the straight slides, the acceleration of the slips remains constant and the speed increases steadily. The slides along the sprung line slides, and the slippery of the beginning of the slide is so large that the descending speed of the descending child is very large in a very short time. Although, in the second half of the decline, the slope gradually becomes smaller, the speed increase slows down, but the speed of decline at this time has become very large.

Therefore, the average speed of the slide along the line of the wheel line is very high throughout the downtime. Even if the length of the skateboard slide is longer than the length of the straight skateboard, the time to slide along the pulley slide is shorter than that of the straight slide. This is proved mathematically and physically. That is, under the same height of the same conditions, along the rotation of the wheel line the shortest time.