Inventory Of The World's 10 Water Slides

Inventory of the world's 10 water slides

 Summer, entertainment facilities water park is definitely a good place. June 30, The Daily Mail, has taken stock of the 10 most exciting water slides at the Global Water Park to show you the speed and passion of water.


DOLPHIN PLUNGE - Orlando, Florida, Aqua World

The Dolphin-Express Slide is a feature of the Orlando Water Park. Two transparent slides side by side can take visitors through a dolphin-filled aquarium that not only passes with the dolphins, but also with friends around you A speed skating competition.


Jumeirah Sceirah Slide - Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

The 120-meter long slide has many exciting cornering designs. Visitors will face a sudden 9-meter fall and a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour, making you absolutely screaming again and again and forever. In addition, climb the 30-meter-high tower before gliding down to a glimpse of the park's stunning night views.


ROYAL FLUSH - Texas BSR Cable Water Park

  The Royal Flush is currently the longest waterslide in the world. It contains three water slides of different heights. The watercourse curvature is based on the track of competitive bicycles. In addition to rotating full force, the curvature of the end of the water slide is also very high, driven by the acceleration of gravity, the players dive straight down after the flight will be very exciting.

AquaDrag Racer Slide - Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas

  The AquaDrag Racer Trail offers incredible thrill to millions of speed fans, and you can juggle with your friends from 4 end-to-end glides at 5 meters per second, wet or wet Happy body. The company is located in:

LEAP OF FAITH Slide - Atlantis Paradise Island

  With nine different types of slides, LEAP OF FAITH is still the most thrilling water slide in the world. Tourists dive down from the top of the 60-foot-tall Maya Temple into a transparent slide through the shark-surrounded aquarium to the finish.

VERRUCKT - Schlitterbahn Waterpark

  Almost perpendicular to the ground, the vertical height of 51 meters, equivalent to 17 floors, down speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour, which is the world's highest water slide VERRUCKT. Such a scary height still attracts many warriors come to challenge, trying to feel the speed from the crazy speed skating heartbeat.

L2 Chute - Austria Wave Water Water Park

  The double-lap chute design makes you dizzy as you slide, just past the previous round of the ramp and throw it into the next exciting slide.

TOBOGGAN Slide - Italy Citta del Mare hotel

  Situated on a cliff and overlooking the sea, this hotel offers visitors the opportunity to experience a special Grade 4 chute design. TOBOGGAN a total of 11 independent slide, all the way down the slide will enjoy the magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea.

SUMMIT PLUMMET Slide - Orlando's Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

  Up to 36 meters high, the Summit Plummet slides up to 96 kilometers per hour as the passenger slides down, reaching the bottom of the pool with a fully enclosed duct where the electronics calculate your fastest speed.

INSANO Slide - Brazil Fortaleza Water Park

  The INSANO chute, the world's tallest water slide that used to be the Guinness Range, reaches 14 floors and runs at a speed of 104 km / h. Huge, semi-tubular slides still seem scary today.