Jump Out Of The New Feeling - Professional Trampoline Project To Become A Fitness Exercise

Jump out of the new feeling - professional trampoline project to become a fitness exercise

  "Children's trampoline is the largest rides .A stretch-bed, surrounded by fence, two dollars ten minutes later, often go to the small park demolished and rebuilt .Bot trampoline gone. Lots of places to jump Means that I grew up. "As the trampoline enthusiasts described, the trampoline in the park, cast a generation of trampoline plot, with age, trampoline with the happy childhood Together become an unforgettable memory, until the "thinking jump fly" will bring trampolines back to us.

  Located in the National Olympic Sports Center Olympic "think jump fly" trampoline club is currently China's only professional trampoline project as the main fitness club. The so-called "thinking jump fly" is a new type of trampoline from abroad, from the appearance, it is like a non-capped cage, a relatively confined space so that trampoline enthusiasts during exercise can be protected from the outside world. Relatively old-fashioned trampolines, "skittles" brackets and guardrails are softer and do no harm to athletes, with 14 global patents and premium materials making it a safe trampoline, appearing to satisfy all age groups Trampoline enthusiasts demand, here, it is not just an entertainment tool, but also a quality sports places.

  According to "think jump fly" trampoline club manager, introduced the trampoline, trampoline (also known as the bomb campaign) is a fast burning calories fitness method effectively jump jumped 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging half an hour. Entertainment at the same time can also achieve weight loss, shaping the purpose of fitness, but also help to reduce blood pressure, vent work, life pressure.

  The reporter saw in the interview that there are baskets and other auxiliary equipment in each trampoline so as to allow the trampoline enthusiasts to enjoy the jumping fun while enjoying the feeling of flying dunk and improving the diversity and gameplay of the trampoline. The former national trampoline team trainer with 12 years experience trampoline club head coach Lin Min told reporters that trampoline to improve human air skills and vestibular organs have a greater role. In all sports alone, the use of trampolines is a sport that can keep human being in the air. At the same time trampoline in gymnastics, skiing, Parkour and other projects are a good technical aids to training means, Lin Min that, although this is not a professional competitive trampoline, but its high quality and adequate safety design is entirely possible Adapt to the national fitness trampoline promotion.

  The Spitfire Club, which has just been established for less than a year, now has thousands of regular members, from two-year-olds to the over-60s, all of whom can find themselves in the trampoline. "Although the form is the same as trampolines of the past," said JT Hood, "but thinking of flying flies gives people a new feeling of trampoline."