Key Points For Operating A Comprehensive Venue For Parent-child Play

Key points for operating a comprehensive venue for 

parent-child play

  1. Attracting children with sensory vision

The child's way of thinking and rich imagination are completely different from those of adults. When purchasing paradise equipment, you should first analyze the child's behavior and understand the child's needs. At the same time, we should study the influence of the game mechanism, game content and game route on the children's play; whether the size of the park road, the color of the decoration and the size of the overall equipment can attract children, then optimize the equipment venue and improve the children's initiative in the amusement equipment. .

Compared with adults or adolescents, children rely on sensory intuition, not rational consumption. Seeing attractive places or cute things will be drawn to the past. Therefore, when choosing the amusement equipment, you should choose those bright, bright, chic, challenging equipment, equipment that can attract children's eyes at a glance, this is the best engine to attract children. Secondly, in the choice of amusement equipment, you should choose a game device with more lively game characters, which should be perceptual and humanized, so that children can become a substitute and love the game equipment.

2, quality and safety are always first

The safety of a ride is a key factor in determining the success of a children's theme park. In the same way, the safety of the comprehensive venue for parent-child play cannot be ignored. Whether a paradise can survive in the big waves, in addition to innovative design, quality and safety are decisive. Children are always the heart of the parents, safe work is not in place, how can attract parents and children to consume. In addition, once a security incident occurs in the venue, it will affect not only that venue, but also the impression that the whole industry will face the public.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, it is the key to effectively optimize the operation of the venue through independent innovation and external resources to carry out the innovation of play equipment, play mode and special effects combination.

3. Emphasize the growth benefits for children

In the paradise of the park and the narration of the park staff, we can emphasize the benefits of the park for the children, of course, the target is the parents. In the video game area, there are commonly used simulators, racing cars, shootings, sports, lotteries, gifts, etc., which can be said to be children’s thinking, thinking, psychology, reaction, brain power, coordination, etc. To design, such as racing equipment can allow children to exercise mental response, hand and foot coordination and other capabilities; sports equipment can allow children to exercise body and foot coordination, thinking and other abilities; shooting ball shooting equipment can let children exercise thinking logic, chain reaction, The ability to develop mental power and other skills; gift machines can allow children to exercise psychological satisfaction, exercise and learn to pay for the truth and other principles and rules. Emphasis is placed on improving the child's comprehensive ability through play and exercise. Both play and puzzle can be used as a selling point to attract parents, thereby increasing the passenger flow of the park, the amount of money consumed by each device and increasing the popularity of the venue.

4, create a paradise scene atmosphere

In this atmosphere, the main emphasis is on the visual atmosphere. In the park, you can create a paradise atmosphere through different themes in different regions, and give children multiple surprises with different theme activities. On the other hand, in the process of experience, children's activity space and content can be different according to different age groups. Design, and fully utilize the combination of equipment and facilities, such as the boy's favorite Star Wars, ancient tribal adventures, girls like castles, dreams, parents like cool scenes, immersive play experience, enhance consumer stickiness, maximum Strength enhances customer retention time and number of purchases.

5, good at using surrounding resources

The marketing method must be versatile and themed, and it is tempting. The comprehensive venue for parent-child play can also use the surrounding resources to cooperate with the mall or other entertainment and leisure industry to achieve the best marketing effect. Every day, by adding new equipment and other entertainment facilities, it will stimulate more customers to come to entertainment consumption. You can also cooperate with the restaurants, clothing or other formats that the mall has, or organize marketing and promotional activities and performances, so that customers have different fresh experiences every time they play. This can increase the customer's entertainment experience and freshness, extend the dwell time and repeat experience, and promote per capita consumption.

6, the future: service is the same truth

In 2019, the venue will still be based on a comprehensive format and will be compatible with other formats. Future consumption will be polarized, manifested as solitude or group consumption, and people will pay more attention to the experience of material use, which is related to the quality of products, the atmosphere created by the venue, the sensory experience and so on. With the development of science and the improvement of technology, more and more new elements will be added to the venue, but the constant is that the service of the venue and the good service are the emotional bonds between the venue and the customers, with the service of the industry. It is becoming more and more obvious that the requirements for the functionality of the venue will become higher and higher, which will be a new challenge for the venue.

Comprehensive hot spots? But we must never blindly follow, only to clarify the essence behind the craze, and to start step by step, is to master the real king of the market.