Ladder Combined Slide Installation

                 Kindergarten ladder large combined slide installation process:

1. Before installation, verify that the steel pipe bracket of the large combined slide is installed, and whether the orientation and elevation of the installation base are accurate, and check the slide channel height and size, and determine that the parameters are correct before starting the installation.

2. According to the scale of the children's slide sample map, first mark the orientation of the uprights on the ground. After placing the uprights, if necessary, fix them on the ground with expanded screws. Pay attention when inflating large screws: the size of the specifications must be the same as the diameter of the reserved hole at the foot of the column of the combined slide. Use an electric hammer to make holes in the ground, install swell screws, and then align the holes. The nuts must be tightened so that they are stable. Some exposed parts should be polished with a sander to avoid accidental injury to children. Then install the slideway and the slideway guard on the bracket. After the installation of the slideway is completed, install other baffles and top components on the channel. During this period, pay attention to the direction of the accessories to avoid rework. After completing all installation work, commissioning can be given to customers after commissioning.

3. Clean the exterior of large-scale slides before use, and strictly check whether the interior and exterior of the slides are lubricated. When burrs and breakages are found, correct and grind them in time.

4. After all the components are installed, you need to check carefully whether there are no spare parts, whether the screw fasteners are loose, and so on, so that children have a safety guarantee when playing on the children's slide.

5. After the review is completed, test slide, and there should be no obvious bouncing and rolling during the glide. You can use it after checking it.