Let The Kids Play With Others

Parents don't have to ask for so much, everything is step by step. As the saying goes, I can't eat hot tofu. As long as you have patience, you will find that the child will be better.

Another point to note is that when you first try to communicate with your child, don't expect too much. Encourage your child, give your child courage and help her take the most important step. This is to build self-confidence for the child, with self-confidence, then the child will have the motivation to move forward.

Second, the child must learn to be polite. Before you communicate with other children, you must first say hello to each other and talk to each other in good faith. For example: "Brother, hello", the average child will respond to your greetings. After responding, teach the children to try and express their thoughts with each other. For example, I want you to play with you in the sand, or can we exchange toys? After the end, teach the child to learn to express gratitude or impression to the other party. For example, thank you big brother for giving me toys. Or big brother, playing with you, I am very happy and so on.

Courtesy, sincerity is the key to communication. Don't think that children are small and don't understand anything. In fact, children also have their own cognition. They are more willing to play with polite children.

Finally, it is necessary to hand over the child to learn to respect the decisions of others. Sometimes, the initiative to politely communicate with other small partners, it will inevitably encounter encounters and setbacks. At this time, you have to teach your child to learn to respect the decisions of others. Let the children learn to adapt to the environment, because the environment will never adapt to you.

Let the children understand that although they are at home, they will try their best to satisfy them. But when you are outside the home, it is impossible to give you what you want. The other party has no obligation to meet your requirements. This is the rule with them. Even this is a very, very painful process. Children know this and know that the decision to respect other small partners will be smoother and better on the road to getting along with others.

Getting along with others is actually very simple. Learn to take the initiative and don't wait for others to take the initiative to find you. Be polite and sincere in communicating with others, learn to respect their thoughts and decisions, and others will be impressed by you.