Maintain The Method Of Naughty Castle

Maintain the method of naughty castle

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There are many ways to maintain the naughty fort, but are we aware of which methods are feasible and convenient? We say that the PVC and soft package category: mainly including the framework of the package, the pad and the PVC, if the case of a large area of damage if it is recommended to buy a new re-package, the cost of how much money. If it is dirty or small damage, it may be wiped with a wet towel with detergent and so on. And if there is a small area of damage, then you can use ordinary adhesive tape like to ensure that no leakage of hard objects can be. New naughty fort to maintain such products because it is to prevent the use of children bumps, so more contact with children, likely to cause damage to such parts and wear. Here, mainly to ensure that daily operations to avoid children scratch, torn. In the usual care of the new naughty fort maintenance, you can use the dust drum roll over again, and then wet towel to wipe it again, with a vacuum cleaner can be used after cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to clean it again. With the advance of time, there may be a new naughty fort of the individual parts of the stains, etc., as the mat can be coated with detergent or soapy water, and then use a relatively soft shoe brush in accordance with the texture of the mat brush, Wipe dry. Naughty fort maintenance is not difficult, as long as we carefully to maintain, our children play happy, the major manufacturers are assured.