Make The Environment Better For Kids

Recreational activities have a great influence on the emotions and consciousness of young children. It enables children to experience the beauty of life and help children to establish good attitudes and affection for their relatives and friends, good things. Going out to play can enable children to directly see the beautiful mountains and rivers, the achievements of the motherland's construction, and thus cultivate the feelings of loving the motherland. Watching the wonderful performances will not only cultivate the children's sentiments, but also enable the children to get in touch with the colorful artistic creations of the various ethnic groups and receive a good aesthetic education.

Visiting, watching TV, listening to radio and toys will enable children to acquire knowledge about society and nature, broaden their horizons, promote intellectual development, and cultivate interest in science and science. Excursions and shopping in the park can make children happy and happy, and it is a good opportunity to cultivate their personality, improve their physical and mental health, and exercise their body and will. Therefore, both domestic and foreign, they pay more attention to the learning of children in entertainment, so that they can teach