Misunderstandings Prone To Occur In The Operation Of Children's Amusement Parks

            Misunderstandings prone to occur in the operation of children's amusement parks
Many operators who have just started to manage children's playgrounds will encounter one or other problems when operating children's play equipment, resulting in poor profitability, which makes them feel confused and not as simple as they think. But at the same time, some investors are doing a very good business and are very prosperous. What causes this? In fact, only by finding operational problems can we deal with the symptoms and resolve the crisis. Below, we will briefly analyze the five major misunderstandings you may encounter in the operation of children's play equipment.

Methods and steps

Myth 1: Diversified devices are attractive.

Answer: In fact, the best site planning is the best. It is true that many products are more attractive to the retention time of tourists, but it should also be reasonably matched according to the size of the venue, and a channel should be reserved for each product for visitors to watch. This will attract more tourists' interest and increase profitability. If you don’t reserve space just to increase the number of devices, blindly adding devices will only give customers a sense of chaos and congestion, affecting the entertainment experience.

Myth 2: Only the latest products attract customers.

Answer: In terms of product selection: either new or suitable, the children's play equipment should be selected according to the actual situation of the venue. Many users are more optimistic about the new children's play equipment, this is not wrong, the new products are indeed more competitive. However, for sites with few products, the available product space is relatively large, and users who have just invested can choose more stable products to be more reliable.

Myth 3: Business projects are following suit.

Answer: As mentioned earlier, if you blindly think that only the latest products are the most attractive to customers, this is wrong. At the same time, some operators may also go into another misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, choose whatever is hot, not based on your own. The actual situation, such as watching others make a parent-child paradise is very profitable, and they do it themselves. Sometimes, because of the effect of industrial agglomeration, if the operation of the amusement project is too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and will also separate its customer group. Therefore, in that sentence, what suits you is the best. In the face of the dazzling amusement projects in the market, operators should not only pay attention to whether they are innovative, but also combine them with market conditions and personal circumstances.

Misunderstanding 4: As long as the equipment project is planned, concentrate on selling tickets.

Answer: Don't do a single ticketing business, which can't improve the stickiness of customers, and can't achieve long-term profit. While selling tickets normally, more promotional methods can be used to sell monthly cards and packages, or to engage in some preferential activities or prizes during holidays, which can improve regional brand awareness, increase exposure and increase turnover. The form of VIP membership card will effectively bind customers' consumption habits, cultivate customers' awareness of fixed consumption, and can successfully shorten the pre-investment capital return cycle.

Misunderstanding 5: Blindly compressing costs causes potential safety hazards.

Answer: The safety of children's play equipment has always been a top priority. The "Product Quality Law" stipulates that all products produced and sold in China should be marked with the name, address and certificate of conformity, and should be clearly marked with Chinese characters.