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Naughty fort manufacturers, to open a hundred square meters of naughty fort, find WenZhou Kidsplayplay Toy Company, do naughty Fort equipment the best manufacturers, to do a hundred square meters of naughty fort site only need between fifty thousand to eight thousand, and design and installation Transport free all-inclusive, only charge equipment costs, no additional charges, the customer to the site of the length and width, and then design a good effect map, to the factory signed a contract, and then down payment of 30% deposit, equipment transport to the venue check And then to the end of the money, so that the customer more secure. Naughty Fort of the scope of the application of schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property district, playground, children's palace, shopping malls, supermarkets and other indoor and outdoor places for 2 to 12-year-old children's play entertainment. WenZhou Kidsplayplay Toy Company produces a new generation of naughty fortunes of the new generation of naughty fort, it contains both previous generations of naughty castles of various game items (such as: trampoline, ocean ball pool, air tackle, single-plank bridge, cable bridge, (Such as electric coconut trees), and the addition of air cars, volcanic eruptions, animal sparks, and some electric toys (such as electric coconut trees) , Merry-goats, electric octopus, crooked trees, etc.) The children can be bombarded with a fortified soft sponge ball with a cannon, or with a carbine fire, a rubber bow surrender, or a bare hand. In the bottom of the UFO, to accept a bubble from the sky bubble bath, very happy. All activities are at risk, both safe and full of excitement and challenge. The same time as the above-

Naughty Fort manufacturers, naughty fort project description, naughty fort is designed according to the characteristics of children, through the combination of science to form a set of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness as one of the new generation of children's activity center, the children exposure to a thrilling Stimulating, and safe and secure environment. The facilities are conducive to the children to give full play to their vitality and imagination, in the fun at the same time the body get aerobic endurance calcification; is conducive to meet the children compete for victory, not far behind, the courage to explore the psychological requirements, so that children are more healthy and happy Smart growth; at the same time conducive to cultivating children brave, tenacious, tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, to physical fitness, brain puzzle purposes. Inside the main project trampoline, sea ball pool, air gliding, single-plank bridge, cable bridge, driving warehouse, rotating slides, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruption, carbine, cannon, cartoon, air car, coconut tree, water bed , The balloon, the horse, the space shuttle, happy octopus, inflatable jumping bed, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, mini turntable animal shake and other equipment. Main project function Drilling hole: mainly to children in physical fitness have a comprehensive exercise , Limb movements have been developed. Crazy artillery exercise physical fitness, to stimulate children to actively enterprising spirit and the courage to overcome difficulties. Electric products; the workmanship fine, advanced technology into the use, fire-resistant plush raw materials and precision electronic components, animal sounds add cheerful songs, more attractive to children, the sale of all loved by the children. Professional product development team makes a new listing, to the market into a new vitality. The following are the same as the "

Ocean ball pool: you can learn color, points, grouping, calculation, throwing, tapping movement, clean up, discipline, habits and so on. Trampoline: exercise his leg muscles, improve body harmony Balance table: build body balance ability Slide: Children's limbs and body coordination are continuously and completely exercised on the slide. Single-plank bridge: the establishment of physical balance, improve physical harmony, exercise children's guts. Bridge: the establishment of physical balance, improve the body harmony. Exercise children guts. Aerial glide: exercise physical, to stimulate children overcome the difficulties of courage. Sheep ball: posture and bilateral integration, to promote a high degree of action planning. Massage the ball: test children's vestibular balance and gravity. Shake music: the integration of the inherent feeling and visual integration of a variety of recreational projects have a positive significance for the growth of young children. The same time as the above-

Naughty fort design Figure 1, naughty fort and parent-child paradise is generally indoor recreation park, and each customer's site is not the same, so my company is based on the details of the customer site and the current shape, combined with the customer's own requirements, and then By the professional designers to use the visual design, and strive to achieve the perfect design, can be better applied to the actual site. Therefore, our design drawings are in different forms, novelty, each is tailored for each customer. 2, the price we are not a square to count, and is based on each design inside the game equipment accessories to calculate the accessories. Moreover, we are factory direct sales, so the price is also very favorable. However, our products are made of high quality materials, plus some imported high-end materials made of, so the quality and quality are very good. Therefore, the entire playground produced down, is a beautiful, practical, safe in one. 3, on the sale, our product unity is a lifetime maintenance, one year warranty. Trying to get each customer to buy

Of the rest assured, with the Shuxin. 4 low logistics costs All the goods are the company's professional staff distribution, good to ensure that the product is not easy to damage, and the freight above the more knowledge ... ... 5, to the broad masses of customers firmly committed to, quality first, reputation as the most important, management-oriented, service-oriented. Customers are assured that we are at ease, the customer is our greatest happiness. The same time as the above-

Tell you to open the naughty Fort Note 1. into the naughty before the shoes should be put off in the shoe, carry items on the locker to maintain the narcissism of the health and safety, to do some warm tips to inform client. 2. naughty fort overall product design, should be able to see, touch the place can not have sharp objects, hard objects and other things easy to cause harm to children. If there are sharp objects in individual places should be away from this area and inform the operator. (Preferably please aunt in the side to maintain, see some debris or not in the normal position of the accessories to be timely order) 3. naughty fort is generally used for children 2-12 years old, children under the age of 6 should be accompanied by guardian The Parents do not bring items into the naughty fort, to avoid the process of scratching the body of the game. 4. children into the naughty fort to play, the guardian of children should do a good job of safety education, to remind the child not to slap in the facilities. 5. naughty fort outside the protective net only play a protective role, to prohibit climbing and forced to pull. 6. Do not damage the recreational facilities, can not just open the back cover, seat cover, touch power, lines. Otherwise, at your own risk. Business strategy: 1 a single charge more expensive, for membership cards, a fee to pay a number of times, you can offer a lot, so that the return of funds will be fast. 2 appropriate to do some advertising, 3. decoration to be a little investment, make eye-catching beautiful door signs, so that potential guests left an impression. Air conditioning what is to be installed, so that guests comfortable. 4 can regularly organize some children's activities to help parents take care of children in the short term. 5. With some children's food, beverages, toys sold together to increase revenue. 6 other need to continue to find in the daily business needs of the guests, derived from a new profit point. Such as product upgrades. The same time as the above-

WenZhou Kidsplayplay Toy Company Tell you how naughty fortress is a square? According to the survey, the consumption of children in China's domestic towns is now increasing rapidly by 50% per year. The increase of only children is also an important factor to promote the growth of children's consumption. At present, many naughty fort and children's experience museum has become the most concern in China One of the most development of the industry, open a naughty fort is not sure to lose the project. Naughty castle how much money a square? In fact, this problem is, can not directly answer, because to do a naughty fort is a multi-factor constraints with the price. Open naughty fort how much money, mainly to see the following two points: 1, naughty fort area how much, I think the customer before doing, has been optimistic about the venue it Generally like the kind of supermarket shopping malls, ranging from tens to hundreds of square feet, need to consider the site long, wide, high, but also need to know what kind of theme and what kind of specific equipment, and finally to estimate the price The 2, naughty fort inside the amusement equipment, one is the traditional, static facilities, the general cost is very low, but the interaction is low, the child is not very high degree of love, the other is the electric equipment, although such equipment High cost, but high interaction, fun, the children will be very fond of, so the formation of attractive, so that children will want to choose to come back to play again. 3, the location of the problem, operating indoor naughty fort amusement equipment recommended in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, popular decision after the operation of the situation, so the location must be selected. The location of the site around the flow of people and the surrounding business prospects for an assessment. Do money budget, to consider the main customers why age children, 0-6 years old or 3-10 year old baby, these are very important. Less recreational projects, lack of competitiveness and innovation, is not conducive to customer profitability. Such as octopus, treasure boat, hamster ball, electric swing, electric swivel chair, pedal, mini turntable, sand pack, water bed, water slide, swing climbing, water roller, coconut tree, electric plane , With the appropriate theme, very attractive. According to the budget investment situation. In fact, naughty fort, children's play equipment manufacturers are more, but not free to choose, it is recommended to visit the field, to choose a relatively large reputation and reliable manufacturers.