Naughty Castle Market Occupied With Open Type Naughty Castle

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Naughty fort is divided into two categories, open naughty fort and naughty Fort Paradise (ie paradise type naughty Fort), while the gunfight series naughty fort has slowly withdraw from the naughty Fort market. A complex of naughty naughty children who are surrounded by an electric, naughty, regional, or other product area.

The emergence of open naughty fort, but also traces back to the development and operation of electric toys, naughty fort was originally paradise type naughty Fort based, built in a small number of projects. With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, the emergence of electric toys, breaking the traditional "naughty castle" paradise model. After the introduction of electric toys, "naughty fort", from the initial built-in electric toys developed to a large number of external areas, it has become the embryonic form of open naughty fort. So, the main difference between it and the naughty castle is the increasing settings on the periphery.

Clearly, the open naughty fort is based on the periphery of the electric open area and the built-in "naughty fort" Paradise combination of integrated "naughty fort" collectively. Today, hundreds of items can be placed in electric areas, such as coconut trees, baby boats, water waterfalls, bouncing beds, balloon houses, time tunnels, animal turntable, and so on. These are also children's favorites, which attract children and exercise their physical abilities. Open naughty fort in the future development of space is very broad, and even more than paradise type naughty fort in the market share. We know from what we see and hear.