Naughty Fort Children's Playground Fiberglass Slide Benefits

Naughty Fort children's playground fiberglass slide benefits


  Fun is the nature of the children, and most children love the game of naughty Fort.When I see the water let the children feel boundless pleasure and pleasure, while the Naughty Fort FRP slide is dedicated to the naughty Fort for Children play equipment. So, in the end Naughty Fort FRP is a kind of play equipment?

Naughty castle in the embellishment

  Naughty Castle Fun A comprehensive project that is assembled by multiple types of play equipment. No matter what kind of naughty fort are indispensable to the glass slide, and a wide range of Naughty Castle children's playground fiberglass slide became naughty Fort equipment protagonist, a naughty fort in a beautiful landscape.

  Safe material is more suitable for children to play

  The main material of the Naughty Fort Children's Playground glass fiber reinforced plastic slide is glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is a kind of fiber-reinforced plastic with very good flexibility. It is composed of gel coat, matrix and three parts of fiber cloth. No toxicity, and high safety performance, the child will not bump and fall during the play.

  FRP has several major features:

1: The weight is very light, is the preferred production material for children's play equipment.

2: high strength, this increases the safety of children in the play, not easily damaged

3: good flame retardancy, which is also very important point, precisely because it is not easy to fire, but also by the amusement device developers of all ages, have chosen it to do children's play equipment, the game is some large-scale equipment, often used To it.

4: not easy to aging. FRP's life is quite long, durable, thus ensuring the safety of children when used.

  Made of glass and made of the slide is also a guideline.For example: the general use of gel coat is 0.5 mm thick, the thickness of the finished product is generally not less than 6 mm, not thicker than 8 mm, the reason why there is such a standard , To ensure that made of FRP slide safer for children to play.

  To sum up, the above advantages are more and more enjoyed by children. Now, not only are some large playgrounds equipped with fiberglass slide projects, but even kindergartens have one after another of them because only Complete implementation is more able to attract children.

  It is noteworthy that, Naughty Fort children's playground fiberglass slide itself is very safe, but in the play time must be accompanied.


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