Naughty Fort Management Strategy

Naughty Fort Management Strategy

1. Toy sales strategy: The park can specially plan a variety of novel and interesting toys for children in idle places. Children can not only play in the park, but of course they can also buy them and play at home.

2. Themed activity strategy: hold various fun and interesting children's amusement contests or parent-child theme activities from time to time to attract children and parents and accumulate popularity.

3, holiday promotion strategy: implement different discount preferential policies in major festivals to attract consumers, increase income, children's naughty castle park.

4, store celebration strategy: at every store celebration, implement the strategy of refilling membership cards to send discounts to further improve efficiency, enhance brand influence, retain old customers, tap new customers, and children’s naughty castle paradise.

5. Free experience strategy: On the day of business, perhaps on special holidays, it is specially open for free, so that children can experience the novel and interesting amusement equipment of Children's Naughty Castle Park, and attract parents to watch and retain potential customers in the park.