New Trends In Children's Development Equipment

                                                                                     New trends in children's development equipment

1. High-tech is widely used in amusement facilities

More and more high-tech are applied in children's development equipment, such as virtual reality technology, network technology, laser technology and so on. Coupled with the sensory participation of tourists, it gives people a new feeling. For example, the future world of Disney World EPCOT is to use laser, electronics, digital, aerospace and other world-leading technologies to create playground scenes and scene effects. The reality is breathtaking. The “Mission: Space” mimics the space capsule realistically. Visitors can actually feel the overweight and strong pressure of the launch of the spacecraft, as well as drift away from the landing moon in space. With the sense of collision, visitors can feel the charm of high technology. On the basis of extremely rich knowledge content, tourists are unknowingly attracted by its rich knowledge content in the process of playing, from the mysterious scientific future to the side. Its culture deeply attracts every tourist and brings tourists a fantastic enjoyment.

2. The combination of rides is constantly being developed

The amusement facilities continue to develop in the direction of the combination of various sports modes. Different types of amusement facilities are combined to form a new and novel new type of amusement facilities, giving a sense of combination and innovation. For example, the Spider-Man project at Universal Studios perfectly combines giant screens and realistic 3D high-definition video with amusement equipment to fully mobilize the audiovisual experience of tourists to form a thrilling and dark ride.

3. Environmental protection and mobile amusement facilities have been further developed

 Children's development equipment is adapting to the needs of the development of the times and is developing in the direction of environmental protection. For example, entertainment-type fuel karts are gradually being replaced by fuel-free and exhaust-free electric karts, and sightseeing and tour buses are gradually driven by environmentally-friendly batteries. Many mobile, folding, self-propelled and trailer-mounted mobile amusement machines have appeared abroad, which can be flexibly placed in parks and various venues in different locations and according to different seasons. For example, the carnivals in Europe are mostly amusement equipment that is easy to disassemble.

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