Noisy Laughter On The Combined Slide

Noisy laughter on the combined slide

Behind the passing of time, there was a laugh from the child. Watching the children's noisy laughter on the combined slide quickly accelerated the fuzzy childhood.

I remember when I was young, because it was not as good as the current development and I had to rely on existing entertainment venues to spend those days. However, in comparison with the past, the combined slides are now far more advanced than we were back then. At that time, a group of playmates and I were scrambling to play on the slide.

The scene now is exactly the same as mine. Now the advanced children's entertainment equipment is safer and more fashionable, but at that time it can only be fun.

I don’t know how long the history of the slide is, but it seems that the combined slide is also optimistic that it has eternal children's equipment. I believe that in the future there will be more types of slides so that more children will be satisfied.

The combined slide has also become a kind of variety. Temporary memories allow time to slip away. Memories are beautiful and happiness is shared. It’s not as good as all. What a pure and happy longing for children to be together.