Olfactory Marketing In The Playground

Olfactory marketing in the playground

In addition to giving people a good impression on the product, “smell marketing” can also increase the sense of memory, sometimes more useful than “visual marketing” and “auditory marketing”, because the ability to sense emotions is stronger. Of course, the specific effects of “olfactory marketing” also depend on cultural differences. For example, in China, it tends to cover some “new car flavors” when selling new cars. Brands with a Southeast Asian background or a pure English background tend to have a strong aroma.

The playground fragrance system spreads the fragrance by installing a fragrance system, mainly in the following ways:

1. Install the fragrance system through the central air-conditioning duct of the playground;

2. Install the fragrance system through the playground fan duct

3. Install the fragrance system through the central air conditioning air outlet or the new extension air outlet;

4. Complete the installation of the fragrance system through multiple areas of the playground;

5, connected to the central air conditioning, new fan installation fragrance system is recommended to use a large space fragrance machine.

Central fragrance system, reasonable installation position, reasonable fragrance time, reasonable fragrance concentration, reasonable fragrance essential oil fragrance. The site "hidden" the diffuser or small mobile diffuser in a location that is not easily visible to customers. Generally, after selecting an odor, it is rarely replaced in the short term. The order quantity of the essence is 25 kg in a bucket, and the space of two thousand squares can consume 20-30 kg of flavor per year. The replacement of the fragrance may bring higher price cost; on the other hand, the brand will also require the fragrance to be stable. To form a fixed olfactory label.

See here, in this more mature fragrance market, can your venue also start to smell marketing?