Open The Naughty Fort Of The Most Important Issues

Open the naughty fort of the most important issues

  To open a naughty fort to consider many factors, the following are some of the most important things about naughty Fort:


  First, in the management of the following 6 points need attention:

1. The density of community residents, after all, want to community residents as soon as possible to promote your naughty Fort have a population base as large as possible, after all, want more profit can not always only people in this community to play;

2. The situation of the competitor (the blank market is better to operate) See if there is a competitive naughty fort in other communities;

In order to improve the income of the project should not be a single, try to enrich the source of profits. 200 square meters of space has great advantages as much as possible to make good use of resources so reasonable;

4. Develop a reasonable consumption package Some activities such as festive membership cards can be properly carried out;

5. The initial stage to expand the impact of advertising is the pre-promotion period, so low-cost publicity is more important than high profits and so on;

6. The best choice from the street center, or close to the students leave place, open a naughty castle before doing a proper social survey to see residents, especially children's naughty Fort needs.


  Secondly, naughty Fort routine maintenance precautions

1. Before entering the naughty fort shoes should be taken off in the shoe, carry items on the lockers to maintain naughty fort health and safety.

2. The overall design of Naughty Fort product, should be able to see, touch the place can not have sharp objects, hard objects and other things easy to cause harm to children. If found in some places there is a sharp object should stay away from this area and inform the site staff.

3. Naughty castle is generally mainly used for children aged 2-8 under 1.3 meters tall, children under the age of 6 should be accompanied by a guardian. Parents into the naughty fort Please do not bring any items to avoid scratching the body during the game.

4 children into the naughty castle to play, the guardian should do a good safety education for children to remind their children not to slapstick in the facilities.

5. Naughty fort outside the protective net only play a protective role, forbidden to climb and because of fun and hard to pull.

6. Do not damage the play facilities, can not just open the back cover, seat cover, touch the power, the line. So as not to bring unnecessary harm to the child!

7. No physical discomfort for children and do not meet the height, age, weight of children into the naughty castle to play, to avoid illness or other causes harm to the body!


  Finally, the safety of children's attention to the process of play

1. Pay attention to riding instructions: In the naughty fort children's playground are prominently equipped with "Passengers", to read carefully before traveling, never over the fence. Before taking the flight passengers must wait outside the security fence, when people have to line up, must not climb the fence.

2. Children to be accompanied by parents: No ride alone rides.

3. Hear staff arrangements: Passengers in accordance with the order of the staff up and down. When getting on and off, please pay attention to the head and feet, so as not to bump or fall.

4. Pay attention to fasten your seat belts: Do not grab the grab before rides stop, take seat belts when riding, to check whether it is safe and reliable, please hold the safety handle or other safety devices with both hands when running, safety With the absolute can not be solved.


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