Operating Large Outdoor Toys Matters Needing Attention

Operating large outdoor toys matters needing attention

  There are many large-scale outdoor toys, a large children's slide combination, children's development, children's physical training, stainless steel slide and so on. With the gradual increase of population in our country, there are many large children's slide manufacturers, especially in some amusement parks and some parks, we often find large outdoor toy amusement equipment. So what are the precautions of large outdoor toys? We all know that when playing these toys have to pay attention to safety, let's take a look together.


1. The staff of large-scale outdoor toy facilities should have relevant professional standards, as well as be equipped with special security personnel to obtain the corresponding qualification certificates according to the national standards. The use of personnel in the use of strict compliance with operating procedures and to comply with safety rules and regulations.

2. Businesses operating large outdoor toys to establish a relative safety responsibility system, at the same time to be fully responsible for the safety of the equipment used, but also to accept the relevant security inspection.

3. For large-scale outdoor toys shopping mall should be posted with eye-catching considerations and related safety warning signs.

4 in the entertainment facilities on-site have custom-made safety technology files, and accident emergency handling, to regularly check the safety of amusement devices, and to make a good record of the occurrence of failures.

5. The height of large children's slide also has certain requirements, as well as the height of slide on both sides. When designers design, no matter small or large, they are designed well, or children can easily fly out while playing.

6. The venue, for the design of the slide, it is best next to a number of buffer zone outflow, not to allow children to slide down from the slide to reach the passersby next, so that not only hurt themselves will also harm pedestrians.



  If it is a large kindergarten children inside the slide, then children should pay attention to those things?

  Children usually play a combination of children in kindergarten children are more, after all, the children are like to play the slide, children swarmed, there will be fast action, slow action, jumped up and down collide, fight, dispute Wait for the phenomenon to happen. Second, some parents chatting while their children are having fun, leaving their children to run around. Imagine if the child falls how to do? As a garden, it is also not easy for parents to restrict the behavior of parents bringing young children to play outdoor large toys. Therefore, the park reminds parents to bring their children to play large toys correctly:

1. Please educate their children unity and friendship, mutual humility.

2. Please tell children the correct play of large toys, such as: do not run wild on the toys, do not fall on the slide and so on.

3 parents in time to help children check the clothes, shoelaces, timely elimination of potential safety problems.

4. Parents supervise the work to ensure that children in the eyes of parents activities.


  Therefore, businesses in the design and production should pay attention to these issues above, we must take into account the safety issues, for large outdoor toys, consider more problems, fun is one thing, safety is the most important factor in order to make children feel relieved Play. However, do not neglect the management of the manager and the caretaker's care, because some accidents result from the child's injuries caused by the poor care of the parties.

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