Outdoor Playground Combination Of Slide Price Components

Outdoor Playground combination of slide price components

 It is an important investment for a kindergarten. It not only shows the strength of a kindergarten, but also is the first large-scale toy for children to play. It is also a part of the examination of preschool authorities that inspects new start-up kindergartens. Therefore, it is necessary to run kindergartens , First of all to invest funds in this one, public small children's garden fund generally do not understand the topic, there are financial appropriations, but for the children in the vicinity of small children's park, the money used is itself, and many how many new children's garden Starting to take the money is not abundant, so the chiefs are always ahead of schedule for this investment choice, look at the price.

  There are hundreds of slide manufacturers who produce slides, but there are not many manufacturers that reach the specifications in terms of range quality. Many small factories themselves do not have the ability to produce. If there are customers who know the truth, they will customize to other companies At this moment, the products on the website of small factories generally have no price. Why is this? This is what I want to talk about today. The price of the combination slide is a little-known mystery.

  Outdoor large-scale combination of the main factors in the price of slide these aspects:

 First, the cost of production

 Second, transportation costs

 Third, more and less profits


  Let's talk about the cost of production, the first is the material, materials and engineering plastics FRP, FRP a few years ago another market, because the advent of engineering plastics, it fell pet, engineering plastics is food grade plastic, so it Very safe, and secondly, engineering plastics are industrial plastics that are used as materials for industrial parts or housings and are excellent in strength, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and aging resistance. The Japanese industry defines it as "a high-performance plastic that can be used as a machine tool and mechanical parts, and its heat resistance is above 100 ° C and is mainly used in industry. Therefore, the life span of the engineering plastic slides is longer, If you have a good nursed back to health, you should have a problem for more than 10 years, but the price of engineering plastic is twice that of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

  Because of the renewal of the material, the engineering plastic is superior to the FRP because of its strength, resistance to attack, heat resistance, hardness and aging resistance. Therefore, the general small field is still using FRP. Only when the financial strength is great, the engineering plastic slide , But the price of engineering plastics is also more expensive than glass.

  Let's talk about another major composition of outdoor slides constitute a major material: steel pipe. Prior to the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe are used, but with one or two years of rust on the iron pipe, the advent of steel pipe, outdoor large-scale combination of increased use of slide, but the large slide because of outdoor, steel pipe time After three or four years how many will rust, especially in coastal cities, such situation prevails.

  Galvanized steel pipe because of the long life of the application of its own corrosion resistance is much stronger than ordinary steel pipe, has now been concerned about the quality of the slide, strength and R & D capabilities of the manufacturers applied to the combination of slides, galvanized steel pipe intervene, engineering Plastic slide life expectancy has also been flying over.

  We are talking about transportation costs at the moment, the impact on the price of slides, slides sold by manufacturers to you generally do not include shipping costs, logistics and then pick-up delivery, in principle, manufacturers from your distance, the more freight .

  Finally, we talk about more and less profits, and some manufacturers a little more profit, and some manufacturers a little less, but only if the same quality of the environment, the general price difference is not much.

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