Outdoor Playground Product Performance Introduction

Outdoor Playground Product performance introduction

Plastic: South Korea imported food grade colored plastic LLDPE (non-toxic harmless) material, plastic

The color of the accessories is not easy to fade outdoors. The same time as

Steel pipe: the use of steel and fasteners to connect the process, the product iron pieces by rust and degreasing paint spray powder,

Using high-temperature electromagnetic paint technology, anti-rust performance. Column with 114 steel pipe, the thickness of 2mm. The specifications of the whole set of sliders are steel pipe Φ28, Φ32, Φ38, Φ48, Φ114. The same time as

Platform: full-chip carbon steel sheet stamping, covered in the surface of the platform is to withstand years of drama

Strongly worn hot-dip plastic protective layer. Platform specifications for the 116 * 116cm, platform thickness of 2mm, plastic coating process. The same time as

Slides and drill barrels: imported from South Korea's food-grade plastic by the advanced vacuum rotomoulding casting

Made, they contain anti-static and anti-ultraviolet components.