Parachute? Bungee Jumping?Try Slides Before This

Parachute? Bungee jumping?Try slides before this


Insano crazy water slide

  Insano Crazy Water Slide The world's tallest water slide is located in Brazil's beach park. Slide height of 41 meters, equivalent to the height of 14 floors. Brave to approximate the speed of 105 km / h down, 4-5 seconds from 41 meters high fall. Feeling like jumping in general.


  Scorpion's tail

  Located in the Midwest Wisconsin Dells Noah's Ark Family Paradise, is the first US capsule slide. Equivalent to the height of 10 floors, a huge transparent bucket meandering circled. Before the start, such as free fall like a normal decline in the rate of 2.5 times the rapid decline in pumping speed far more than the speed of the body lubrication, transparent glass tube, the feeling is absolutely great ~

  Alpine top slides

  Located in the Orlando Disneyland world of the Blizzard Beach, the 360-foot long peak, the challenger drops at a rate of 50-60 miles per hour. Designers do not sacrifice speed, calculate the correct radius curve, from near vertical to meandering over smoothly landing.

  The leap of faith

  Located in the Atlantis resort of the Bahamas, the slide is modeled on the pyramids of the ancient Mayan civilization, as you descend from a nearly vertical height of 60 feet, as if God had come. Then entered a mosaic of the aquarium, through the translucent box from the shark group came out, and finally fell to the pool. As if God came to experience suffering into the world in general.