Parent-child Amusement Equipment Product Categories

Parent-child amusement equipment product categories

With the continuous improvement of the economic level, more and more people are paying attention to their spiritual needs. The cultural and entertainment industry has ushered in a favorable development environment, especially for children's playgrounds with parent-child entertainment, parent-child interaction and parent-child education. The potential is huge, and many investors have entered the market.

In order to help investors better understand children's play equipment, let's take a look at what children's play equipment and its classification, characteristics and things to pay attention to when purchasing children's play equipment.

First of all, children's play equipment is a type of amusement facilities, mainly refers to naughty castle facilities, manual equipment, inflatable facilities, mechanical facilities, etc. for children to play in parks, supermarkets, playgrounds, kindergartens, schools and most public places. .

According to the current variety of children's play facilities and children's play equipment, we can divide them into the following major categories:

1. Turning horses;

2. Scooter type;

3, gyro type;

4. Flight towers;

5, racing class;

6. Self-controlled aircraft;

7, watch cars and so on.

These parent-child play equipment includes improvements to non-limit play equipment, for the safety of children aged 0-6, relatively small and indoors, and through some creative games and clever use of sound, light, gas, water, color combinations To achieve the purpose of recreational early education to exercise children, generally in the form of rotation, rolling, air cushion and other forms.

In addition, there are swing machines, coin-operated amusement machines, small trains, overhead tour buses, water amusement facilities, bumper cars, battery cars, somatosensory games, bungee jumping, slides, zip lines and so on.