Plastic Slides And Stainless Steel Slides Have Their Own Advantages

                        Plastic slides and stainless steel slides have their own advantages
    Compared with ordinary children's slides, stainless steel slides have more patterns and more gorgeous appearances. When you think of plastic slides, you usually think of an ordinary long skateboard sliding down (or a cylindrical slide), but stainless steel children The slide can be made into S-shaped, arc-shaped, semi-copper, cross-twisted, etc. according to user needs. If the user needs, you can also cover the stainless steel slide with a transparent cover, etc. In actual life, it is more loved by children. Here I remind you that stainless steel slides are generally high in height and need to be accompanied by parents. Young children should not try to play stainless steel slides.

   Compared with traditional plastic children's slides, stainless steel materials are more widely used. At present, manufacturers generally divide stainless steel children's slides into indoor and outdoor categories. Special attention is paid to the fact that stainless steel slides are generally not limited in height and length. Users can purchase and install 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters or even 20 meters according to their own needs. For example, in many places, we can circle the stainless steel children's slide from the top of the fifth floor to the ground.

   Which material, plastic or stainless steel, is more protective for children's slides? There is no doubt that stainless steel is superior to plastics in all aspects of corrosion protection, smoothness, cleaning, etc., so that we as operators are more time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving when maintaining slides, and most importantly, the same The lifespan of the stainless steel slide playground equipment will definitely be longer, so it is also very good for everyone to choose to use stainless steel children's slides under the same circumstances.