Playground Management Tips

Playground management tips

The playground operators face different types of employees when managing the playground. For the management of children's playground field employees, different management methods and management skills are required. What are the management tips for different employees? In addition to this aspect, what other tips need to be enhanced?

No matter what you want to do, it is very difficult to start work without the followers of employees. For most of the post-90s employees, they advocate freedom, strong personality and consider themselves good employees.

1. As a playground amusement park operator, how to manage "strong personality" employees?

If supervisors feel that employees have strong personalities, supervisors tend to be weak. Employees have a strong self-esteem, but they have some competencies. For "strong personality" employees, supervisors can adopt two strategies. One is to change the tough personality of employees to soften their strengths. Furthermore, only the ability of employees is used, but his quality is not reused. Through "target management" strategy, he gradually "tames" powerful employees.

2. Children in playground playgrounds are susceptible to outside temptations. How can employees improve their ability to resist temptations?

Employees are tempted not just for money, they may have gained some respect in the company, but they may not be reused. If the value orientation of employees is different from the company, it is inevitable to have new ideas. If employees do it for you, it's hard to entice outsiders. If employees are doing it for money, there is no way but to raise it. If your management charm is greater than the charm of money, it is most reliable to use management charm to eliminate outside lures.


3. It's too difficult to find trusted employees today. Is there any way to quickly identify employees' loyalty?

If it is too difficult to find a trustworthy employee, the boss is likely to be uneasy about any employee, have low trust, and have a "paranoid" personality. To identify employees quickly, the boss must first have the ability to identify himself. I do n’t know myself.