Popular Types Of Unpowered Children's Play Equipment

                                    Popular types of unpowered children's play equipment
Unpowered amusement equipment refers to active experience equipment that has the characteristics of amusement equipment without using any unnatural external force and energy. In recent years, unpowered amusement equipment has attracted more and more investors because of its high safety factor, long service life, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interactivity, and unique experience compared to other amusement equipment. Today, Feiyou Amusement brings you relevant knowledge about unpowered amusement equipment. Unpowered rides were initially popular in Europe and the United States. As the quality of life of Chinese people and the pursuit of health are getting higher and higher, the way of life and entertainment has gradually changed! In recent years, driven by the rapid development of the Chinese travel industry, the role of unpowered rides in theme parks, scenic spots, commerce, and real estate supporting fields has gradually increased in importance. Under such heat waves, many unpowered rides began to appear and appeared in people's eyes. There are many unpowered amusement equipment, such as: large-scale drilling nets, themed modeling equipment, large-scale crawling, trampoline, stainless steel slide, sand pool paradise, jungle leap, physical fitness expansion, etc.

Unpowered amusement equipment can be divided into challenge type, interactive type and experience type according to the experience type.

Challenging: This type of amusement facility is a series of play methods such as wearing seat belt equipment, obstacle crossing, climbing, rappelling, etc. at high altitude, which is highly stimulating.

For example: "air walk" high-altitude rope challenge

Interactive type: This type of equipment has strong interest, high interaction between people, and a large venue, without the need to wear safety devices.

For example: Feiyou Amusement Design Parent-Child Interactive Paradise

Experience type: Most of these devices are small devices, and most of them are used as supporting facilities for children.

For example: "Building Block Maze", "Shachi"

Nowadays, compared with power-driven amusement equipment such as roller coasters with frequent accidents, safe unpowered amusement equipment is more and more loved by more investors and families.