Pre-analysis Of Indoor Children's Park Investment

Pre-analysis of indoor children's park investment

The fast-paced urban life has left many people with no time to accompany their families. It is hard to have a relaxing holiday. The plan to bring children to the amusement park to play is grounded due to the weather, and the mood is destroyed. The emergence of indoor children's paradise, so that everyone no longer delays the fun of everyone because of the weather, seasons, etc., as long as you want to play at any time you can play indoor children's playground is warmly welcomed by everyone. Therefore, many investors are looking at this market opportunity, so how much does the indoor children's park investment budget need? This is the issue that everyone is more concerned about.

The first is the franchise fee and brand usage fee of the franchise brand. Many franchise brands need franchise fee and brand usage fee, so everyone should check it in advance.

The second is the rent of the store. The rent of the store mainly considers the geographical location of the store. The location is good, of course, the rent is high. The economic situation of each region is different, so everyone should calculate according to their local consumption level. The decoration cost depends on everyone choosing hardcover and simple installation, which requires everyone to decorate according to the budget of the funds.

Once again, it is the cost of equipment. The indoor children's playground can be big or small. This depends on the size of the store you rent. There are more big parks, more expenses, less local equipment, and less. The cost will be less. The thing to note is that when choosing equipment, you must choose the amusement equipment with guaranteed quality and quality, because the amusement equipment is the driving force for the long-term development of the park. If the quality of the equipment is not good, the later stage will not only affect the passenger flow, but also need a lot of money to repair the equipment, so we must choose safe and secure equipment.

Finally, the publicity expenses, only the promotion of activities can improve the visibility of the park, is also the most effective means of prosperity of the park, so certain propaganda funds must be prepared, as for what kind of propaganda means you choose, according to the publicity effect And the budget for the funds.