Precautions For Playing Climbing Frame

                                                           Precautions for playing climbing frame
Climbing frames for children’s amusement parks or kindergartens come in various shapes and sizes-including rock climbing, bow-shaped climbing frames, vertical and horizontal poles, etc. These devices are more challenging for children than other devices, so first of all, let the child understand how to get out of these climbing frames, otherwise he will have difficulty completing the whole climbing process. The climbing frame is also a high incidence area of injury accidents in public playgrounds, so when playing, you must pay attention to the correct procedure:

1. For young children, because their arm muscle strength is still relatively weak, they need some assistance from adults at the beginning, and too high climbing frames are not suitable for climbing.

2. To play the climbing frame safely, children must first learn to hold the crossbar on the climbing frame with both hands, and in order, wait for the child in front to move forward first, and then move forward with it, and be careful at the same time. When children move, they may swing their legs back. When children jump off the climbing frame, be careful not to touch other crossbars under their feet. Remind the children to bend their knees and feet on the ground when jumping.

3. It is also dangerous for too many children to climb the same climbing frame at the same time. Every child should start from the same side of the climbing frame and move forward in the same direction.

4. When children come down from the climbing frame, be careful to avoid those who are climbing up, do not compete with each other, or try to reach out to reach the bar farther in front.

5. The upper limb strength of young children is still relatively weak, and should only climb those relatively short climbing frames. Children from 5 to 7 years old are only suitable for climbing frames below 1.6 meters in height, and children over 7 years old can only climb climbing frames below 2.3 meters in height.